Most Underrated Coin

Coin Statistics

  • Total Supply — 2,096,884,242 VLX
  • Circulating Supply — 1,411,700,709 VLX
  • Marketcap — $56,559,601 USD
  • Price per Coin — $0.040015 USD

What is Velas?


  • AIDPOS coin which gives rewards to Masternodes, Delegates and Stakers
  • Blockchain Network to be utilized by future projects, inline with AI technology, or if they want a viable network that is future proof because of it’s scalability features.
  • Vast products to utilize the VLX coin supply.
  • Ultra Fast Network, capable of 30k tps and minimal gas fee.

Velas Products

Velas Whereabouts


Technology, Use Case, Community and Thoughts


  • First Blockchain Network to implement AIDPOS removing human control enabling true decentralization
  • One of the best Consensus Algorithm to provide security
  • Scalable Network up to 30k Transaction Per Second
  • Rewards users (Masternode Operator, Delegators, User Staking)
  • Adaptable for future Blockchain inefficiency because of AI integration.

Utility Use Case

  • Masternode Operator — 1M VLX
  • Delegator — 10k VLX
  • Exchange Staking — 1 VLX
  • Network Gas Fee
  • Velas Products (Velasphere, Vortex)






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